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Pat Spitzer

My Story:

As a kid, I knew there was a God, but I didn’t go to church or talk about it at all to anyone. When my Grandpa (on my Dad’s side) died, I didn’t understand. My Dad said that he might be in Heaven. I found out it was a place you go if you are a good person. As I grew into my elementary and middle school years, my parents who took us all to church occasionally, enrolled my sister and I in Saturday Catechism classes so we could learn about the Bible, God and Christ. I believe it was a Church of Christ.

I went to church for a while, but my parents stopped going and so did I I’ve had two miracles happen to me. I almost drowned when I was 12 and somehow I was able to get to the surface to breath. I don’t know how it happened, but I made it to the dock. I was in a bad vehicle accident in which I should have died in the 80’, but somehow I was lifted from the car and carried to the side of the road by someone I had never met. I am sure he was an angel. I’ve also had other close calls with accidents, but somehow on an instant, things change and all is well. I strayed from a Christian life until I reached my 60’s. Starting in 2009 I realized then that I had a spiritual void that I really needed filled. After moving to Elkhart from Texas in the summer of 2012, the need was super great. I was thinking seriously about getting involved with a church, so I could begin to know God again. I finally asked Dick and Nyla Moore what church they attended, and well, I now am attending and learning about what I need, my spiritual being. I have accepted Christ into my life and I have put my life into His hands completely.