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Honesty Is The Best Policy

How To Change The World

You Must Be Honest With __________________ .
Luke15: 17 – 19

Integrity in the Hebrew means _______________________ –

not holding _____________________ _______________.

In any area of your life where you are _______________ from God

you won’t have _______________ until you get honest with yourself.

You Must Be Honest With ______________________.
James 5:16

If you want to have a ______________________ in your spiritual walk

you will have to be ___________________ with others.

________________is robbing us of the _________________ and

_____________________ God has for us in Jesus Christ.

If you won’t confess the ___________________ things –

you definitely won’t confess the ______________ things.

You Must Be Honest with _____________________.

Ananias lied to Peter – but Peter said you didn’t just lie to me – you lied to

the _______________ __________________.

Our ability to be honest with ourselves; with
each other and with God is at the very heart of
our ability to grow in the Lord and
our ability to attract others to the Lord.